A graduate of the École Boulle and ENSCI – Les Ateliers, Alexandre Echasseriau is a designer and maker. He trained as an industrial designer working on creating both tools and the items they can be used to produce, operating in ecosystems on diverse scales with great agility. Working in a freelance capacity since 2013, he set up the Crafter Studio in 2016 and supports economic stakeholders with innovative projects, bringing together different perspectives, seeking inspiration in the fields of art, science and traditional know-how. From design through to the production of a prototype, he adopts an experimental and flexible approach to his work, immersing himself in the project environment.

In Madagascar, Alexandre Echasseriau will explore the network created by local stakeholders to recover resources on the island from waste produced by human acti­vities. Heat compression of locally recyclable materials will be the main focus of the designer’s collaboration with the Ndao Hanavao laboratory. Applying this process to mass-produced essential consumer goods will recover a previously bulky resource and make it available to the Malagasy people.