Peak Oil © Geert Goiris, 2017

Discover Rubis Mécénat cultural fund

Rubis Mécénat cultural fund, endowment fund of the Rubis group since 2011. Its mission is to support the development of contemporary artistic creation in France and abroad within the different countries where the Rubis Group operates.

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As a responsible company, Rubis has given itself a double goal: undertaking social change in two fields, health and education, and promoting artistic creation through its endowment fund Rubis Mécénat.

In 2011, the Rubis Group created its cultural endowment fund Rubis Mécénat to strengthen links between its subsidiaries, contribute to the absorption of the Group into its socio-cultural environment, and to revitalize the company culture. As an industrial, social and cultural protagonist in the countries in which it operates, the Rubis Group strengthens its actions on each territory thanks to the implementation of its cultural projects.

Rubis Mécénat’s primary objective is to take action in developing countries where the Group has a presence. By collaborating with the local subsidiaries and joining forces with local and international artists, Rubis Mécénat nurtures socio-cultural projects at the heart of local communities whilst bringing to young adults an educational artistic programme and the ability to go through life with the practice of the visual arts. These programmes, enriched by a system of scholarships as well as of cultural events, are designed to let personal vocations, future prospects, and new talents come to the fore. Functioning as creative platforms, these artistic and social initiatives constitute a long-term investment which allows support over time as well as immediate follow-up in each territory.

In addition, Rubis Mécénat supports artistic creation by guiding emerging and mid-career artists in France and abroad, commissioning works for specific sites as well as for the Group’s industrial sites. The fund also purchases, from the artists it supports, works destined to be shown in the offices of the Rubis group.