Video still from ART(ist) #8 – Sheena Rose by Alexander Murphy, 2019
ART(ist) series produced by Rubis Mécénat

Rubis Mécénat


Since 2011, Rubis Mécénat, the Rubis group’s endowment fund, has been promoting artistic creation throughout the countries where the Group operates. The fund develops long-term social art initiatives by establishing educational artistic programmes based on the visual arts and design for young adults from disadvantaged communities in some of the countries where the Rubis is active. At the same time, it supports artists in France and abroad by commissioning works for specific places as well as for the Group’s industrial sites, in collaboration with cultural institutions. For each commission, Rubis Mécénat helps to produce the art work and accompanies the artist throughout the artistic process.The fund also supports the artist in a longer term by purchasing art works and editing publications and artist videos.

*Today, Rubis Mécénat undertakes three socio-cultural programmes: Of Soul and Joy, a photographic project in South Africa (since 2012), InPulse, a creative platform for visual arts in Jamaica (since 2015), and Ndao Hanavao, an innovation laboratory for social design in Madagascar (since 2018).

Press kit 2021

Rubis is an independent French company operating in the energy sector through its subsidiaries Rubis Terminal and Rubis Énergie. Its activities range from trading and supply, to storage and final distribution of products. The Group is pursuing an ambitious growth policy and has multiplied its presence on three continents (Europe, Africa and the Caribbean), currently operating in 41 countries.

As an international group, Rubis has undertaken to become involved in each country in which it operates as an economic, social and cultural player. As a responsible company, Rubis has a dual mission: carry out community investment in two areas, health and education, and promote artistic creation through its cultural fund, Rubis Mécénat.