The non-profit association Le M.U.R (Modulable Urbain et Réactif) was established in April 2003 by a collective of artists who were keen to express their art on advertising hoardings to subvert marketing messages and promote art in their place. It has been recognised as an organisation of public interest, and has been working since 2007 to allow the public to tap into the incredible source of creative energy embodied by the street art.

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In 2018, Vitogaz France (a Rubis Group subsidiary) and Rubis Mécénat cultural fund invited the street art association LE M.U.R. to realise murals within Vitogaz France offices in La Défense near Paris, France.
From September 12 to 27, 2 days per week, Vitogaz teams participated in the creation of 3 collaborative murals, guided by artist and instructor Gilbert Mazout and witnessed the realisation of 5 murals by artists Vinie, Stoul, Levalet, Scaf and Sêma Lao, selected by the collaborators.
The murals are visible in the offices since 2 October 2018