Since 2012, Rubis Mécénat has been developing long-lasting social art initiatives in certain countries where the Rubis Group has a presence, in order to transmit artistic skills to vulnerable youth from local communities, as well as life skills acquired through the practice of visual arts.

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These educational programmes function as creative platforms at the heart of local communities by offering young adults courses on getting up to speed academically
and artistically as well as the opportunity to meet art professionals and to participate in local and international art events.

The most talented students are awarded scholarships to pursue an education in the arts. The practice of visual arts serves as a springboard for the emergence of personal vocations, future professional prospects, and new talent.

These measures, led by local and international artists, also heavily involve the local subsidiaries. By going as close as possible towards those that are the furthest away from contemporary art, Rubis Mécénat reaffirms its belief in its educational and societal virtues.