InPulse, Kingston, 2019 © Akiem2

InPulse is an ongoing project undertaken in 2015 by Rubis Mécénat in partnership with Rubis Energy Jamaica at the heart of the Dunoon Park community in East Kingston, Jamaica. It strives to support Jamaican youth and improve the conditions of young adults from local communities through the practice of visual arts as a positive means of expression.

A creative platform and a life skills development programme, InPulse offers visual art courses led by local and international artists as well as general-purpose educational training. Furthermore, the programme introduces its participants to the art market and to its professionals by organising specific visits and inviting leading figures of the Caribbean artistic scene.

Each year the project awards scholarships to the most promising students to pursue a tertiary education at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston.

The project is led by Camille Chedda, Jamaican visual artist and InPulse Project Manager since 2016.